Yes, this entire line is alive
And the verse is free

No cage around the rhyme
Stanzas flap with spirit

When the head turns into a hive
Words can sting like bees

So it's better to get it right
In some form of poetry

But I've run out of time
Enough of this, pardon me

Back home shadows of mine
Verse, rhyme and spirit


She stares at me
with those big piercing eyes

And I'm hypnotized like prey
by the lioness gaze

Lady Sun

Lightly, as curtains of mist
over the hills
she passes

Softly, as that silk dress
against the skin
she waves

Sweetly, as milk in my lips
so warm
she tastes

Brightly, as early sunlight
a memory
she stays

But always, as a mirage
on the dunes
she escapes


Well, my lady
I came a long way now
Just to get here 
In front of thee
My shield on the floor
My sword at thy feet

So I bend down
And I bow in silence
To wait for thy command
Patiently waiting
For thy wish and demand

But I am simply
An old-fashioned knight
A monk living among words
And this is all I have
My life, my faith, my love

Like gold

Like gold
your skin shines
like mists of a dream
you fly high

Like the curves
of this shinning glass
your forms
pour light

And through the lines
of my mind
your presence
takes place

And you dance
and wave
disappear and
again take shape

All that is
all that was
all that's yet to be
now, and infinite


You would be
my high-priestess
and my temple

And every night
we would lit
the candle

Flames of love,
shadows of both
you and I, high above


And you would be
the veil dancer,
a serpent charmer

The shape of lust,
spirit of life,
my muse in verses

Front and back,
feet to neck,
my universe


Yes, darling
I came here tonight
To sing to you

A whisper, a sigh
A silent song
This lost lullaby

Words in vain
Lines in the sand
Tears in the rain

These invisible signals
Bare, broken
Beaten and lame

But this is not
Our last goodbye
Some farewell ballad

It's just a calm chant
Letters of romance
Saying: I love you